Posted 1 day ago

Happening now. Yuuu!

Posted 2 days ago

Hashtag gaawas sa bowl ang lukon. 😃

Posted 5 days ago

This is what it feels like 🎶

Posted 5 days ago

What makes me miss home.

Posted 2 weeks ago

While getting made up yesterday.

Posted 3 weeks ago

Red velvet. #StatingTheObvious

Posted 1 month ago

Liking isn’t helping. #700thSpot

Posted 1 month ago

@headparx @venicesharra @rhyziil @rudibor

Posted 1 month ago

Review daw over K dinner. (at Don Galbi)

Posted 1 month ago

Because I fell in love the first time I saw you and you caused me sleepless nights regretting why I didn’t get you in the first place. #loafer #eden #sperry